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Car Location Tracking Android App With Firebase Tutorial

In this tutorial, we’re building a car location tracking app like Careem and Uber. Although we’re not developing complete apps like Uber and Careem. But we’ll see how to online a driver and show the online driver in the passenger app and update the driver whenever its current location changed. For online and offline the driver …

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Angularjs UI-Router Nested Views With Asp.Net Core MVC Application

Angularjs UI-Router is still the best choice of developers for Routing Purpose. Even with powerful platforms like Asp.Net or Asp.Net Core when you need to load Nested Viewsand don’t want to reload your page every time then JavaScript’s Frameworks provide us the best Solution And Angular is one of them. Although Asp.Net Core provides Angular Template, most of the developers use it for SPA(Single Page …

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Load Data from Database to TreeView Asp.Net

Loading Data from Database to TreeView is difficult as compared to Loading Data into a Table. Let me explain first that why and in what case developers find it difficult. Above all, we need to understand the structure of the Database table from where we want to load data to a TreeView. Actually, TreeView is …

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Passing Parameters with AngularJS UI-Router

Angularjs UI-Router is considered as developers first choice when it comes to working with SPA(Single Page Application). Most of the developers are not interested in Advance features of Top JavaScript Frameworks like Angular & React, they just want to use Routing solutions provided by these Frameworks. UI-Router makes it easier to work with nested Views. I have …

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Find Out How Kotlin Coroutine Works Under The Hood

In the 🔥 hype of async programming, everyone is talking about Kotlin Coroutine. I know there are so much great articles on how to work with kotlin coroutines that’s why we gonna dive deep and see how the coroutines work under the hood. Kotlin Coroutine is a great and powerful language feature that’s why …

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