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Reasons Why Your Windows Computer Freezes

Having to deal with an unresponsive Windows computer can be annoying and stressful. Finding the reasons why your Windows 10 computer freezes can also be time-consuming. Also, there is a good chance you might need to try a few methods until you come across the one that works for you. …

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What Is “Paint 3D,” and How It Works?

If you use Windows 10, you may have seen a strange app appear on your computer recently called “Paint 3D.” At a passing glance, it sounds similar to the ever-familiar Windows app Paint which has been a staple in each version of Windows. But what does the “3D” at the …

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What’s The Difference Between Tethering & Hotspot

Well, if we look around, we will find that almost everyone is somehow connected to the internet. In fact, the evolution of the internet has triggered some massive improvements. For example, now we have multiple ways to access the internet. We can access the internet using different technologies like satellites, …

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